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Lady Raiders Basketball Alumni Night


Elizabeth Archer | 2/7/2024

Celebrating Tradition and Legacy: Lady Raiders Basketball Alumni Night

Girls Basketball Alumni Night at Randolph is a cherished tradition that not only highlights the School's rich history, but also fosters a sense of community among past and present players. This event, now in its second iteration at Randolph, has been a longstanding practice for Zac Barringer, the coach, who firmly believes in honoring the past and
establishing connections between former and current
players. Barringer shared, “I believe it is important to honor the past and connect our former players with current players to help form a special community.”
Barringer, with a history of organizing such events at every school he’s been a part of, emphasizes the significance of paying homage to the basketball
legacy. This tradition extends beyond merely showcasing athletic achievements; it serves to connect generations and create a unique bond
within the Randolph community.

Being part of Randolph holds a special place in the hearts of those who attended the School. The legacy of being a Randolph Raider is a source of pride that lasts a lifetime. When current players don the Randolph jersey, they represent more than themselves – they carry the legacy of those who came
before them. The Girls Basketball Alumni Night serves as a poignant reminder of the School's enduring spirit and the timeless connection shared by all those
who have worn the jersey. “I have always told the team that when they put on their Randolph jersey, they represent more than themselves,” said Barringer.
“They are playing for more than just themselves. Reminding the current team that former players who have worn that same jersey are still represented is a
special tradition to keep alive.”

This year, the spotlight fell on the 1977-1978 girls’ basketball team, a group of trailblazers who hold a significant place in Alabama High School Basketball
History. As the first sanctioned team to play in the AHSAA, according to the AHSFHS, they paved the way for future generations of Randolph athletes. The festivities included a special tour of both campuses for the honored team, marking their first return to Randolph in 47 years. Nostalgia filled the air as
they explored the halls, recalling memories of the old Drake campus and discovering the modern Garth campus. A highlight of the evening was the chance for the alumni to find their senior photos in the lecture hall, sparking conversations about the passage of time and the friendships forged during their Upper School experience. A dedicated hospitality room provided a space for alumni to reconnect, share stories, and enjoy some food.

The current Girls Basketball team had the
opportunity to meet their predecessors, creating a bridge between eras and solidifying the sense of community. Coach Pitts delivered a pregame speech
in the locker room, imparting wisdom, and motivation to the current players, emphasizing the legacy they carry forward. The culmination of the evening
occurred during halftime of the Varsity boys’ game, where the 1977-1978 team was formally honored.

Girls Basketball Alumni Night at Randolph stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the School's athletic program. By honoring the past, connecting generations, and fostering a sense of community, this event not only celebrates the achievements of former players but also instills a profound sense of pride and belonging among the current athletes. As the tradition
continues, it reinforces the idea that being a Randolph Raider transcends time, creating a lasting legacy for all who proudly wear the jersey.