Randolph Raiders Athletics

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Friday Night 101

Randolph School: Garth Campus 4915 Garth Rd. Huntsville, AL 35802

NO FIREARMS OR WEAPONS permitted on campus.  NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO permitted on campus.

Any urgent messages related to inclement weather, overflow parking, game delays or other situations, will be communicated through the Randolph Athletics Twitter account: @RaidersOnGarth


NO PETS are allowed on campus during athletic events. Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.


NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS allowed. At Randolph School, we are deeply committed to creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for our student-athletes, families, coaches, referees, and visitors during our home athletic events. In order to maintain the high standards of our events, promote responsibility, and support our concessions offerings, we kindly ask that no outside food or beverages be brought into our home athletic events. This approach not only enriches the event experience but also enhances the utmost quality and safety for everyone involved. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly valued as we work together to uphold these standards and make our sporting events even more enjoyable for all.


Game day Schedule


  • 5:30     Gates & Concessions open/Pregame activities begin
  • 5:45     Teams begin to warm-up on the field
  • 6:15     Raider Rally performance on the Commons Lawn until 6:30
  • 6:35     “Raider Walk” takes place from Main gate to locker room
  • 6:50     National Anthem/ Coin toss
  • 6:55     Raider Run Through
  • 7:00     Kickoff



Parking FAQ


  • Parking is now included in your game ticket. We will not collect money as you enter campus.
  • Friday Night traffic will enter Garth Campus at the south entrance (in front of the Thurber Arts Center).
  • DO NOT ENTER the north entrance (in front of the Shields-Jones Athletic Complex). It will be blocked off and only serve as an exit from Garth Campus.
  •  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE AROUND THE BACK SIDE OF GARTH CAMPUS. The Commons area/Raider Rally area will be active so the back of the campus will be closed off for safety reasons. Handicap parking, referees and radio/tv media will be allowed through.
  • South side of Garth: Traffic will be able to drive on to the gravel parking lots, but not beyond the Thurber Arts Center.
  • North side of Garth: Traffic will not be able to drive as far back as the softball third base dugout.



Admission Costs (Digital Tickets; cashless ticketing)


Randolph Athletics will use the digital platform, GoFan, for online pre-sales and walk-up ticket purchases. All fans will be required to produce or purchase a digital ticket unless they qualify for free entrance at the Pass Gate (explained below). Wrist band or digital ticket on your phone must be in possession by all in attendance.


Wristbands will be given when your ticket is validated. Wristbands required for re-entry through the gates.


Visitor/Pass Gate (left of the Raifee Building):

  • Randolph Students and Faculty (plus one) should enter the Visitor/Pass Gate to receive a wristband.
  • AHSAA Coaching Cards should enter the Pass gate to receive a wristband.
  • Fans with pre-purchased digital tickets can enter the Pass Gate to receive a wristband.
  • Visitors should utilize this gate.

Main Gate (right of the Raifee Building):

  • GoFan digital tickets can be purchased using a credit/debit card to receive a wristband.
  • Fans with pre-purchased digital tickets can enter the Main Gate to receive a wristband.


Friday Night Football Ticket Prices:

  • Adults – $10.00 (parking fee is factored in)
  • Students – $5.00 (Non-Randolph students)
  • 5 years and younger FREE
  • All Randolph Students and Randolph faculty/Staff (plus one) are Free.


Non-Friday Night Football Ticket Prices MS/JV/Varsity:

  • Adults – $7 for JV; $5 for Middle School
  • Students – $3.00 (Non-Randolph students)
  • All Students 5thgrade and below FREE
  • All Randolph students FREE




  • Visitor seating is on the east side of the stadium across from the press box grandstands.
  • All other seating will be open seating.
  • Fans are not to congregate in the walkways of the bleachers or the front platform areas.
  • The field area will not be open to the public; do not enter beyond the fence to the field area.
  • The press box is limited to the scoreboard and PA announcer, clock operating referee, coaches, school audio/video personnel and media only. It is off limits to fans.
  • The Band Section will be the south portion of the grandstands (closest to the Arts Center).



Medical Emergency


Call 911; HEMSI EMT will be in attendance at Friday night football games.

AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are located in the Concessions stand, the trainer’s room in the gym and our Athletic Trainer has a portable AED on the sidelines.


Supervision of Children

Our goal for Friday Night Home games is to provide a great environment where the whole family can enjoy the many great aspects of having a home game. We enjoy having the children come to Garth Campus on Friday nights and want them to have a fun and safe experience.


Please understand that it is not the responsibility of anyone at the game (officer, volunteer parking attendant, another parent or another child, etc) to supervise your children. Randolph Athletics takes on the financial burden of ensuring there are security officers on the premises and we try to maintain order among the children as we can, but we cannot be held responsible for the children or their actions. Therefore, we ask that you consider the following bullet points and assist us in controlling the children by making sure your child abides by the rules.


Rather than being reactive to a very unfortunate situation we are choosing to be proactive by putting the following rules and consequences in place:


  • Safety is the highest priority and is why we will not allow traffic around the back loop of Garth Campus.
  • The baseball and softball fields are off limits. This is also to protect the fields. Please remind your children to respect authority when they are reminded to stay off the fields.
  • The area between the football field and the baseball field as well as the grassy areas of the Commons and behind the gym building provide sufficient room to allow for children to play. These areas will be supervised to a degree during the game. Traffic will be blocked off in those areas prior to game time.
  • Failure to abide by these rules will result in taking the child to the Concession Stand. We will then have the PA announcer call for the parents of the child to meet us at the Concession Stand. Parents will then need to keep their child with them or take them home for the remainder of the game.



Concessions will be available 90 minutes prior to game time. An additional concessions trailer will be available outside the north endzone:

  • Burgers
  • BBQ
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Hot dogs
  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Coke products
  • Slushies
  • Candy
  • Concessions closes shortly after Quarter 3



The two main Garth Campus exits will be available when the game ends.